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25 plays per hour continues this weekend!

The rebirth of the “Super-Short,” Theatre Unleashed will showcase 25 short original plays featuring a handful of the company’s premiere actors playing over 50 characters…in one hour. Fusing comedy, drama and everything in between, these amazing pieces are set in a specific order to provide an emotional crux and unique thru-line to create a theatrical journey for you the audience in 60 minutes or less. It’s speed theatre at its best!

"This kind of show is for those that want to see as much theatre one can get away with, or for those that can't (or won't) wait around for a climax!"

"It's fast, funny and most of all, very original... by the time one is finished laughing (or just getting in to it), it's time for another play to begin!"

"In these times where instant gratification has beocme the norm, 25 PPH is for those that love their entertainment short 'n sweet! The world may have been created in a week, but this show uses a whole lot less time and space, and not a minute to spare!"

- Rich Borowy, Accessibility Live

"When seeing a series of short plays, there's always the risk of sitting through more bad and ugly than good, but in this case, the majority of the 25 plays and sketches were well-developed and beguiling."

"(Benjamin) Atkinson laid claim to the standout performances, showing both a deft touch with the physical comedy as well during the evening's dramatic turns like the heart-tugging 2 Minute Life Story by Jacob Smith."

- Christine Ziemba,

For tickets and more information, please click here.
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