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Theatre Unleashed presents a Theatrical Hat Trick this weekend!

theatre unleashed presents twelfth nightTwelfth Night -
" evening's worth of fun and thrills in such a cozy quarters as presented by this rather unique and colorful theater  troupe..." - Rich Borrowy, Accessibility Live.

Music, dancing, courtship, love, hookahs and swordsmanship abound in Shakespeare's gloriously gender jumbled romantic tale Twelfth Night. This roller coaster romp follows the misadventures of the lovesick Viola (disguised as the young boy Cesario) who gets caught in a vexing love triangle with the dashing Duke Orsino and the lovelorn Olivia. These lovers, their fools and the puritans take part in a madcap trip that ends only with the discovery that there are always greater journeys just around the corner. Director Jeff Soroka draws upon 1,001 inspirations to retell this tale of misinterpreted feelings and mistaken identities in a play about the strangest people we've ever known and loved...ourselves. For more information, go to

friends like these at hollywood fringeFriends Like These @ Hollywood Fringe -
"Wonderfully written... a must see!" - Rachel Stoll,

"(Writer Gregory Crafts) builds tension throughout his tightly-paced plot, and caps it with a satisfying end that nails his theme to the floorboards... Both relevant and entertaining, this unflinching look at young tribalism is a must-see for anyone who has escaped the hell that is high school, and for those still attempting to." - David Wiseheart, Hollywood Fringe Panelist

Appearing in the first ever Hollywood Fringe Festival, the wildly popular and critically acclaimed Friends Like These takes a candid and poignant look at the staggering issue of violence in our high schools. Garrett is an outsider who spends most of his troubled existence in a fantasy world called Haven...that is until he meets Nicole, the popular cheerleader with a curious mind. As quickly as things begin looking up for Garrett, they come crashing down, forcing him to face both his past mistakes and his harsh present reality while he struggles for redemption. This gut-wrenching piece will unswervingly explore the emotional trauma brought on by social mores during high school, forcing a confrontation with the causes and tragic consequences that left us staggered as a nation during Columbine and other high school shootings. For more information, go to

naughty nancy tells it allNaughty Nancy Tells It All -
For one night only, at The Sherry Theater! You DON'T want to miss this! Nancy will be performing her own brand of one-woman standup comedy as a fundraiser for an upcoming Theatre Unleashed production. Furthermore, $1 from each ticket sold will go to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Come one, come all! (kids at heart welcome, actual kids are discouraged from attending...Nancy can be a little raunchy...). For More information, go to
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